The Niner Diner (9 volt Battery Box)



(This one has absolutely no use that I can see, aside from going along with the theme and keeping the batteries in one place.) :smile:


Very cool . I thought it was a glowforge town for batteries. :grinning:


I guess it is! :smile:


Wouldn’t that be something to use a silhouette buildings in The Battery in New York for these boxes? Totally meta.


Ooo, you could do one for the 9-volts that works like a pez dispenser!


Probably couldn’t…would take more skillz than I got. :smile:

I’m going to need to hit the hardware store to work a spring loaded mechanism into that one, so the batteries feed. Right now, it’s Shake-n-Bake.

(It would cut down on the number of batteries it can hold though, so I might just leave it like that.)


Nice and organized. I still have the stacked blister packs in the cabinet.


Awwwww, @jules, they just keep getting better and better! The 9V one reminds me of a vintage gas station. Or maybe a diner.


Oh bah, I have faith in yo skillz and their ability to pay the billz.


Yeah, I was shooting for something a bit like one of those old style diners made out of a train car. :grinning:


Thank goodness I don’t have to rely on them for that…I’d starve to death :smile:

I calculated it once and IIRC it worked out to making about 16 cents an hour after taxes from the old digital file selling days. (I reject waaay too many designs.)

So it’s really just for fun.


Whenever I attempted to make any money at almost anything I ended up just scraping by. Not complaining, I am a very fortunate man.
When I decided to purchase a glowforge it was solely for my enjoyment, and I have been richly rewarded in that regard.

That token job I did as a contribution to my Daughter’s effort has made a good return. An outfit here in Denver that is the same business model saw them and wants me to do some for them to replace the business cards they currently use.
The $500 for the job will pay a quarter of what I paid for the 'forge.
The community here helped with my learning the design ropes, and as a result this job just fell into place… And I’m still having fun! :sunglasses:


Can’t believe that…I’ve seen your jewelry and sea critters. (Which I still lust after.) :smile:


Thank you Jules :purple_heart: I am proud of the line, and I still have all of the rubber molds for the pieces. I should probably look at selling them.
I always enjoyed working with my hands and had an artistic slant, so getting certified in scuba gave me the inspiration.
I did that craft for 30 years, and learned a lot.

The jewelry was pre-internet, and advertising in ‘Skin Diver’ mag ate most of the proceeds. I could just afford to pay the bills and buy more metal. Back then 24k gold casting shot was $200 an oz!
On top of that, doing another 50 dolphins or whatever removed the joy and made it a job. My heart wasn’t in it anymore.
A curse of mine, I am attracted to an unknown to me technology or process and focus on learning it. Once I do it loses it’s appeal and I am attracted to the next learning challenge.
The other problem is I am a fair artist, but I suck at business.

This world of CNC is new to me, and am amazed at automated production. In jewelry, if I put the tool down, work stopped.
If I make any money at this it will be a side effect, and not at the expense of my enjoyment.


Oh sure, I meant hypothetical “billz” like in a more cosmic, non-funded sense. I’m very aware of how hard it is to actually pay real monetary bills with art things.

That is, until I figure out how to hack the glowforge for laser-branding tattoos. MWAHAHAHA!


Very cool! A real ‘gig’…a paying gig!


Yes! Surprise! :tada::gift:


A small spring mechanism similar to a handgun magazine, but modified so you have a handle on back that you can use to compress the spring and load batteries.


ROFL! I was thinking more along the lines of the kind at grocery stores that push the vitamins up to the front when you take a bottle out, but yeah, something along those lines. :smile:


yeah, well, I’m a shooter.