The Optimist's Report -- First project -- D&D Screen

Ohhh I WANT it!!! I can’t wait to get my Pro so I can make my own version.


My DM has yet to ask for a screen, but I am working on an initiative tracker.


First I’ll say … I don’t think you have to be a player of D&D to see the awesomeness here! Wow! So amazing!

My son-in-law has requested a dice tower when the Glowforge comes … if he sees this … he will be asking for one of these!

When you get it the way you want it … I’d certainly buy it.


Just showed that to my son. He said, “That’s so lit!” I’m going to take that as approval.

(Just kidding. I’m old, but I’m cool enough to know what he meant.)



FOR SHAME!!! BLASPHEMY !!! WHATEVER. :slight_smile:

I still have all of my original books.

have to get my daughters playing some day.


Nice screen.

We always called it the “wall of fear and ignorance.”


Amazing job!

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Love it! My son has already asked for a DM screen as one of my first projects. Thanks for the insperation!

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Already blown away by your first project. Such an awesome gift for your son. Can’t wait to see what you whip up next!


My dungeon master thinks this is beyond gorgeous! Great Job!!!

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Hi, I’m very interesting about the fact that you are Canadian and you picked up the Glowforge In NY State. I to, am a Canadian and I have ask for my Glowforge to be delivered in Champlain NY (at Freeport Forwarding). Can you tell me how it went ? Who did the shipping UPS, Fedex or US Postal Services. How did it go when crossing the borders, any fees or just the taxes ?
Thank You.

Hi Yan,

You can check out my other post: Bringing the GF across from the US to Canada

It has a lot of details about how it went.

For me, it was very easy.


Hi Polarbrainfreeze,

Your post is very helpful.

Yan Blais

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Pas de problème.

I hope you get yours soon. I assume you are somewhere near Montreal.

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This is amazing! I just got my GF and have been wanting to make something very similar as an Xmas gift for my friend who is a huge D&D fan. Would ever consider uploading or selling the .svg???