The Optimist's Report -- First project -- D&D Screen

Well, my optimism finally paid off. My GF arrived on Tuesday.

I picked it up in New York state and drove it across the border to Canada (I’ll make another post about that as a guide for others.) I unpacked it and made the ruler in about 45 minutes hour (my kids were “helping”, so it took longer than I expected). There have been a lot of unboxing pictures and ruler pictures, so I don’t feel the need to post those.

My first projects were stuff for the kids, but my first real project was a D&D privacy screen. For those who don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, there’s one person who is the Dungeon Master (DM) who runs the game. He or she makes up the adventure and has lots of notes and stuff that needs to be kept secret until the right time. So most DMs use some sort of screen to hide all those things.

My 14 year old son is going to be a DM this fall, and asked me to make him a screen.

Here it is:

Here is the side:

Here’s a close-up of the dragons:

At the back, I made him a dice tower, and a life counter for the monsters he controls. They clip onto the bottom of the screen. They are prototypes, and I need to refine them (hence why they are cut out of mdf, and not proofgrade).

The screen was made with :proofgrade: Maple Plywood, and the dragons were cut out of the :proofgrade: Walnut Veneer and stuck on. I love the effect of it.

I did not draw the dragons, they came from

I’m super-pleased with how it came out. I’m also very impressed by the Proofgrade stuff. I’m going to have to get my hands on more soon!

I’ve only had it for 2 days, but up to now I’m LOVING the Glowforge! I’m still figuring things out, but I think it’s going to be epic!


As a used-to-be avid DND player I am highly qualified to say: THIS. IS. AWESOME! and I dare say that if you moved to copyright free images you have a market to sell this!!!


How did I know that you’d hit one out of the park on your first swing? Oh, that’s right, I’ve been stalking you for the last couple of years…

I look at a lot of cool projects the way I look a t Make magazine, I won’t be making a D&D wall but there are several ideas that may get co-opted in something.


Great! Excited to see what you do with your long awaited Glowforge.


The dragon images on are actually licensed so that I can use them in commercial products. I made sure of that before using them.


+25 Experience points for you! Mmmm… Increased Magic as well. Split the points between those two attributes as you see fit. :slight_smile:

I made a very similar screen (pre-'forge) once. I hinged the sides though so it just folds up nice and flat when I’m done using it. I still use it all the time and I’ve been considering replacing it with a 'forged version.


I was thinking about hinging it as well. For the very same reason you state, so that my son can just fold it and bring it with him.

But I did not want to wait to go to the store to get some hardware. I’m impatient that way :slight_smile:

Perhaps my next version will have hinges. Now that I have a laser at home, I can make as many revisions as I like.


Wow, gorgeous! These projects fully justify the confidence I had that you would make amazing things.


And, I think you are right! SO happy that you finally got your Glowforge! As you might already know, I’ve been a big fan of your designs for a very long time. I don’t play that game, but can certainly appreciate what you’ve done for your son. Last night, I just made the inner part of the box design you posted for everyone, again…and will be doing the outer part soon. I’ll be posting photos. Thank you again for all you’ve been sharing. This is now just the beginning!


The website is a bonus to some of us who need help…(a.k.a. Me) with images…thank you.


Very nice, I’m not a gamer but I have plenty of friends that are, and thanks to all the great projects I have seen On this forum I now have plenty of Gift ideas for all of them! This by far I think is my favorite. Mainly because not only did you discribe what you made but the use of it as well!


I don’t play the game but I appreciate the awesome project that you created for it. It looks fantastic!


That looks amazing!


Wow!! You are one of the coolest dads ever!! Everything looks fantastic!! The statement on the front cracked me up. I cannot wait to see what else you make!!


This is outstanding! Very cool!


Wow! My brother is heavily into DND (still) - his crew always tries to get a game together at the holidays. That would be a fantastic addition that would let them actually sit at a table to play it instead of spreading out all over the floor upstairs.

Awesome job on it! :grinning:


Today that is just cool. 30 years ago, envy, envy, envy…

And by this weekend you’ll have a case in mind for him, so he can carry his screen, dice, collapsible dice tower, etc… (does the DM still carry around a bunch of monster guides or is that all electronic now? Would still need a spot for a tablet if it’s digital.) That’s the problem with owning a laser…it makes ideas grow. Like cool, evil, fun weeds.


The guides are all digital now. We do have physical copies of them as well, but my son always looks things up on his tablet. One the accessories I had in mind for this screen was an iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet stand.


The amount of D&D stuff I plan on doing with my laser is insane.

Really great job with these!


This is fantastic! Love how it looks and how you integrated the items on the back for easier play.