The Penalty of Leadership


Ran across this today, an old Cadillac ad.


@dan needs to print that out, laser a cool frame for it, and stick it on the wall at GFHQ. :smile:


Jealousy does not protrude its forked tongue at the artist who produces a commonplace painting.


Nice find, thanks!


So true. Excellent find.


The modern day short version… “Haters gotta hate!” Ha!


There is a great book “They Made America” by Harold Evans that chronicles invention and innovation from the steam engine to the search engine. Taught me a lot that was never in my history lessons. Almost without exception each breakthrough had its detractors.

The chronology of development and how it affected commerce and jobs is enlightening. The root of International Harvester was a reaper pulled by a horse that could do the work of dozens. Machines taking the jobs has been going on for hundreds of years. Complaining about it won’t stop it.
The author does a remarkable job, down to personality quirks of the individuals.I highly recommend it.


Would you recommend the physical book over the audiobook version? I normally “read” my books by listening to them in my car, but obviously that doesn’t work well if there are pictures or diagrams.


I’m sure you would enjoy it either way, but the book was a gift - and I like the old school feel of a book, and turning the pages. There are some great pictures, and I like to sit by the waterfall at my pond and read, so I’m listening to the water.
Sometimes the imagination paints a good image. If you don’t want to read it, by all means get the audio version.


I skimmed through the book on Amazon and it looked like there were a lot of portraits, photographs, maps, and drawings throughout the book. That definitely pushes me over to the “dead tree” version. Thanks for the recommendation.


Have it. Read it. Learned from it. Recommend reading it. :sunglasses:


That is perfect. Thanks for sharing! @dan @Tony and Mark should definitely have this on a wall to read during tough times.


Yes. I often forget to turn off the paragraph symbol things in Microsoft Word. This would be a great reminder.