The perfect Glowforge companion

Back when I was waiting for the Glowforge to be shipped (the two-year wait, not today’s two-weeks), I began looking for a CNC machine to tide me over. In a post, Dan suggested the Inventables Carvey. I bought one and it is indeed the perfect GF companion. It arrived ready to go, has an enclosed “clean” environment, and is simple to operate. Unfortunately, the Carvey apparently wasn’t as popular with the mass markets as with me, and was discontinued. When I heard, I immediately purchased a second Carvey as a spare.

On the Inventables forum, someone is selling their Carvey for $1200 (about 1/2 of original price). Looks to be in really good condition. The seller is in the Boston area and would like to sell local. Even though another spare is temping, I thought I’d post a link here if anyone is interested in looking at it.

(full disclosure - I have absolutely no connection to this, just thought I’d put it out there)


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