The Planter - Update

Greetings -

Now that the snow is here to stay, until May… Thought I’d do a little project to add some desert warmth to the abode.

I used one 6’ (1/2" thick) cedar fence board and about a foot of quarter round. Engrave the front, build a box, glue it and pin nail it. Here we go…

For the engraving I set the material thickness to 1/2" and used the ‘Thick Draftboard, on Draft Graphic. The engraving was quite deep, so I could have backed off the power a bunch, but it is nicely recessed as the cedar surface is pretty soft. The board is 21" long (longest I could get out of the 6’ and keep the box 4.5" deep. (21" x 3) + (2 x 4.5) = 72". I love the Maths. :slight_smile:

I did cut the height down a little, 5.25" was too high for my shelf, but 4" seemed about right. Since I had two cedar boards, I made two boxes. The second one is 3.5" high. It’ works too, on just the tiny 4oz. plants from HD or Lowes. Bling!

And a little extra glue to seal the edges. Drilled some little holes in it to, but mainly just for air. Going with felt, rock, felt, growing medium. So we’ll see. They’ll probably out grow it before I have to worry about the thing rotting out.

Get the stuff together.

Get to it…

And call it done!

Adjust to extra UV for winter, and this totally meets my expectation.

Thanks for checking it out.


Nice boxes, but is there some significance to the intentional typo?

Hey man, It’s Dyn-o-mite!


I love the Maths.

English, not so much… :laughing:


:laughing: thats great!


This looks great. I’ve been wanting to make a dynomite box as well for the back of my ebike lol. I thought it would look cooler than a normal box.


That turned out really nice!

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Thanks! And I fixed it for the final version - :wink:



This is fabulous! Love the barbed wire addition!


Love your final version, it took it up a notch!

thats perfect barbed wire. where did you get the file?