The Playboy Club

Back in the 60’s and 70’s the hip cool thing for a guy was to be a member of the Playboy Club, In my quest to recreate 'retro cool stuff, here is today’s Project. . .

This was my source material, first thing I did was harvest the background.

I was going to burn that on a low setting to ‘emboss’ the card before my main printing.
here is a test emboss on some green acrylic

then recreating all the text . . .

I am burning the card on gold / black acrylic - THE RESULTS NEXT POST!


This looks great. Love your write ups of what you are doing…

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And here are some Pictures! - I’m still having trouble lining up the cut, the alignment is really hard to see on the screen, and I am taking ‘best guess’


Fun project :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have the engrave and the cut together you can turn the cut to ignore, see if the engrave does what you want, and then turn the cut back on - no alignment necessary.
Your best guess should be way closer than the ~1/4" that looks like. Have you run the Camera Calibration?


I sussed it out :slight_smile:

the pictures don’t do it justice, but the rabbit background ALMOST looks like a holograph.


HEY that worked!!!



Considering when those were being handed out, it’s likely that is exactly how they did the “hologram” look too! :smiley:


remember those cool stamps that the way you looked at it was a different scene? my first taste of ‘holographic technology’ back in the '60s



What your talking about is called lenticular printing. I messed about with something sort of like that once:

Crazy what you can do with a Glowforge.

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No images on the link :frowning:
Good morning!


There’s a video, it took a second to load for me too. Must be a weird discourse thing?

Using Chrome windows

Weird now today I cant get it to work.

pour more coffee on it!!!

I just redid it by putting it on youtube, link works now.

I’ll put the link in here too, just because:


Oh that is SWEET


Yeah that was early on, when I was trying techniques with no application in mind. I never came back to it.

And my silly playboy card is any different ? for me this is how I learn.
I write comedy as a side hustle, I write jokes that I store in my brain, and wait for the right opportunity to use them … “We will tell no joke before it’s time”