The Quiet Year custom box

My friends and I have been really loving a game called The Quiet Year. It’s a cooperative story telling map game, where you use prompts from a deck of cards and a big piece of paper to imagine and draw a map of an area around a small settlement of people trying to prepare for winter. We found a foldable whiteboard and have been carrying it around with some dry erase markers along side the game so we can play wherever. The game just comes with a pack of cards and a little instruction book, so I made a custom box to hold everything together.

I used the engrave-groove technique discussed in Can I make a groove and a box generator similar to this one (I wish I had known about this last weekend when I made the original file!). The final box had to be modified in illustrator - I cut off all the notches from the top edges of the box, and added the long grooves to the inside edge.

The final box came out great! I ended up gluing it this morning after one corner started to work loose, but when I first cut it, I could assemble it without any glue and it was pretty rigid. I used a picture from the front of the box (the artist is Ariel Norris) as a label on the sliding lid.

(As a note, I didn’t bother with any protective paper or sanding on this one, because I think that the smoke stains add a pretty awesome character that matches the game.)


Awesome. You answered my question about the smoked look. I agree that it fits the character of this project well, but hoped some projects could come out of the Forge cleaner. Sounds like that is the case. Also looks like the groove engraving worked really well. I’m excited about that.

Keep posting!

great design and thanks for the link to the box generator.

Love the project. I plan on making a very similar box for Love Letter… the felt bag isn’t cutting it for me. I also can’t wait to build organizers for some of my larger games.

Love the look and style, but the burnt and torch thing got me worried. Good to know to start researching masking materials

I’m very excited about custom boxes! We’re looking at building one for Kingdom Death. Jonathan’s been working on a cool project for one of his games too.

Nice! As a board gamer, I’m really looking forward to printing my own game box inserts. The Broken Token sells some that you assemble yourself - ideally, they could put their designs in the GF catalog, and I could just buy it digitally and print it myself :slight_smile:

But let’s be honest - that Catan board is the first thing that’s getting printed!


My hope is that the Proofgrade package sent with the forge is exactly the woods needed to do up the same Catan board they have been showing us all this time :slight_smile:


The catan board is truly amazing. When I started here it was the first thing I wanted to see! I haven’t played catan in a long time, but it’s given me so much inspiration for remaking the boards for some of my own favorites.

Nice work!
Great gift idea for my Son and his Wife who have dozens of board games in their cardboard boxes.
Custom boxes will cover presents for a while.

Thank you for sharing that with us!


Custom game boxes was what tipped the balance for me on the GF. Awesome to see some in action!

And seconded on the Catan board. Although I’ve got some ideas of my own that might win out over just cutting theirs.


We’ve all got ideas! Some of us are ready to burst.