The Randi Million Dollar Challenge - claimed!


If you’ve never heard of this, James Randi, an ex magician and now proffessional de-bunker of fake scientists, put up a challenge several years ago that he would give $1000,000 to anyone who could prove that they had any kind of psychic ability. I was blown away to find out that someone had claimed the prize. Absolutely gobsmacked that this didn’t reach the mainstream news or the papers!


ROFL. I remember that front bit back. That guy is awesome.

Have a pleasant Saturday. :wink:


Poisson d’Avril! Ha!


April fish? :smile:


That’s the French version.


Didn’t know they said that! ROFL! :smile:


We also use it in Canada (the french parts).

Not only do we say “April Fish” when playing a prank, my kids always cut up paper fish and try and stick them on other people’s backs on April Fool’s day. I don’t know where the tradition comes from, but they have a lot of fun with it. Maybe next year, they’ll laser cut the fish instead of using scissors :slight_smile: