The "Sharpest" looking project yet

Wolverine Claws!!!

Made out of four pieces of natural maple with mdf core then spray painted silver then hit with a mist of black to give that true adamantium look lol.

If you want to see the video of the cut out print of this check out the video tab on my site: some reason I can never get the videos to upload to the fourm.


Looks good!

I’d suggest adding some bright silver highlights to the edges via drybrushing. It can make a big difference!


Ooooo, vicious!

A bit of sanding to round all the corners unless you wanted the bottom slasher sharp. They would not have to be dangerously sharp to have that look but the hard edge of the laser cut hurts the first impression a bit.

I was going to round a few edges but the mdf core I was told can harm your health of you sand it so I stayed on the safe side and left it, this honestly has no shape edges at all I can even get it to go through a brown paper bag lol. Just said that for a play on words. Lol

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I guess I forgot the MDF core. Yes I don’t think three would be a health hazard to sanding them but all the strength is in the maple surfaces and diminishing that would hurt the strength considerably. Of solid oak or maple they would be like the oak katanas, strong but not so deadly. And could be shaped more.

I use a lot of plywood but the MDF core stuff I have not found much use for.

Scary! :sunglasses:

Whoa! Those are awesome!

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