The size of the glowforge

Glad to hear this as I picked one up on Sunday. I’ve got some cleaning and shelf building to do before I assemble it though.

Earlier this year I bought a 2m long desk from IKEA which I thought was much bigger than I would ever need. Somehow, since that day I have acquired a 27" iMac and 3D printer, and now have a Glowforge (and another 3D printer) on the way. I think it’s almost time I found a bigger workspace to house them all in.

Last time I bought extrusions I got them from McMaster Carr:

I haven’t actually done any price comparisons with different vendors. I probably will in the next few weeks.

80/20 is a well-known supplier of aluminum t-slot extrusions. They often have good prices on their e-bay store, though you never know in advance what will be available. Pay close attention to the compatibility of parts between the different extrusion series.

The desk on the right will be the Place fro the Glowforge if that isn’t enough or not practical i also have a barn that has plenty of space.

The desk is adustable so i can work on any height.

Wow, That’s tall

It’s funny we all have different personalities. I have seen so many good posts about redesigning workshops, building benches, installing duct work, purchasing S/W and materials in preparation. But then I think, realistically there is no reorganization, rewiring, venting, gathering materials or any other preparation that I can’t complete in the time it takes Fedex to get my unit across the country sometime next year. And if I didn’t have a “to do” list in those few days, don’t know how well I would cope.


Procrastination is key to not going completely insane with excitement


I’m planning on getting some Ikea butcher block counter top and some metal piping from Home Depot to build a desk. I’ll probably post pictures once I’m done.

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Not having had children, I wouldn’t know but it seems there is a lot of nesting going on.



It would seem people have adopted the white child and are making room…
First world problems… :wink:

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A while back I made this super cheap workstation for my wife’s letterpress.
It is an old kitchen cabinet from a local architectural salvage place and a piece of melamine covered OSB (which might also have been from salvage but was in the garage for long enough that I don’t remember). I put a couple of 2x4 pieces under the top to give it a little extra strength.

Since she won the “whose studio does the Glowforge live in?” battle, the Glowforge will go there. It is rock solid, has an outlet behind it, and is close enough to a window that I can plumb in the vent.

All of which is to say that you don’t need to pay much to make a decent work surface.


How has/will the laser fit into the letterpress craft for you all?

In our case it remains to be seen. That little press does not get much use because it can really only print something around 4"x4" and it is finicky and needs constant adjustment. On my (long) list of projects is a “proofing” style press, and that would let us print lots of laser cut/engraved stuff.

Something like this one:


@glenn pointed out that you can probably engrave delrin letters and use them for type.


Just finished my new workbench desktop where my glowforge will live. This is after the first coat of shellac. I got another coat on and its got some major sheen. Beveled the edges to be easy on the arms.


It’s a beauty!

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Nice work!

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Looks awesome!! Also, especially loving the holiday dino :wink:

I currently have very ambitious plans to make a simple table for my glowforge out of reclaimed wood…though realistically it will probably reside on an Ikea table :smile:

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A local elementary school moved to a new building this year. The old school contents went up for auction. I had a funeral so I couldn’t attend to get all the goodies there, but a friend brought back two of these, knowing me and @bbrackin2 needed something to put our Glowforges on. Will fit but will have to add something to the hoofs of the Glowforge to raise it over the rim edge.

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