The SnowForge is here!


My Glowforge has finally arrived! We decided to do a time lapse video of setting her up. Will add as soon as I can figure out how to upload it without the file being too big . Would have been about 10-15 minutes faster had we not had some wifi connectivity issues - about 45 minutes! AND…I had all 4 box handles :blush:


Congratulations… You are going to have so much fun. :grinning:


Yes, the setup assistant (me) may have entered the wrong WiFi password. :roll_eyes: Had to research how to get the teal light back again.

Glad to have the second family Forge here safe and sound, one more to go!


Yay! So glad you are having fun!


Not going to lie, fairly jealous of your materials bench.


Tough to find good help these days. :wink:


My dad did an amazing job on the workbench!


Awesome! Congrats! :grinning:


I’m with @forhorsman, that bench looks amazing. So much storage!


Your Dad did an excellent job on your stand! Wow! Happy for you to be up and running!


That custom bench looks pretty familiar. Wish my Forge would get here so I could use mine that is just like it.


How did you get the teal light back? I am at a school and there isn’t a wifi password, there’s a login with a user name and password. I didn’t know how to enter that, so I aborted. Now I can’t seem to get back to the initial setup.


Hold the GF button about 10 seconds until it turns teal.


I think you’re going to have some trouble with that… (the user name / password)


Yeah. GF doesn’t support named security accounts - just passwords. You’ll need them to set you up to only need a password. They can always do that by MAC address of the GF.