The space for my Glowforge is ready :)

You can see my progress in this video, includes some light DIY and fun with electronics and LEDs


Very cool!

I like this thread! I have been working for the past month repurposing a very small room in the back of my house for the arrival of the Glowforge. It contains my food pantry as well, so it has now been dubbed the ‘laser pantry’…and I’m guessing not too many people have a laser pantry in their house. The room is nearing completion, and like Dave, I have been documenting the stages. When it is finally complete, I’ll post before and after photos here. Doing this has raised my anticipation, if it could even have gone any higher!

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This is one skill I have got to teach myself: Document major works. Document minor works too, since half the time you get a new idea midway and it becomes a major work.

Really sweet to see the transformation of the space. And very nice to see sensors put to good use.


Keep us posted. I’m curious as to venting. Pro or Basic? My office at work has wooden casement windows that drain badly. The bottoms are rotting out. Once they are cranked open, you have to go outside to force them to close tight. We are currently getting bids to replace all 17 windows in the office space @ $8,700. The staff think it is for getting fresh air during those few Missouri months that we don’t need air or heat. They don’t know that this is so I can open my office window to vent the Glowforge basic.


I’ve ordered the one with the built in filter as there is little venting in that space. I do have a trap door down into the space under the house and I suspect, come summer, i’ll be putting a fan into it to pull up cold air for the computers/printers in that space.

I won’t tell.

That’s really cool!! I’m starting this weekend, preparing mi workspace. Getting ready for the countdown!!


Pfff… need to finish wiring, radiant tubing, pour concrete…then do a bit of finish work…at least now I have an incentive to get this workshop done :slight_smile: