The Sphero RVR

I did go and look and as I am struggling with the “easy” setup of my new Gomega 3D printer, a robot as learning toy is beyond my focus at this time. However, What would be a great need is an actual Lawnmower that could follow a G-code or similar vector path and know where it was without bumping around randomly in an invisible fence that is how all the ones currently work. When I inquire about it the answer I get is that there is so much demand for anything that there is no incentive for something that sophisticated and so they all fail for my needs, And I would guess many disabled folk.

I ordered one too. I haven’t actually read anything about what it is yet. :slight_smile:


Sphero or Gomega?

Oh, sorry. the Sphero.

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The Sphero is a platform for some things but It does not seem to be capable of being the Lawnmower I was looking for. However built from the ground up, it has many of the components, and I think that the lawn mower is almost a guaranteed seller that would leap out ahead of the available designs that are a bit optimistic to even call themselves Robots.

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I wonder how many of our GF people bought since yesterday. I was about to pull the trigger last night, but didn’t. Now I’m thinking about it again. One thing I would try to use it for is a time-lapse photography platform, like a programable rail. They imply that the payload is 2lbs but could be more. I would like a bit more for a dslr.

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I just ordered one when I read Dan’s update… the grandkids will get it if I don’t decide to keep it for myself.

I almost bought one for this purpose alone to add to my fleet of timelapse robots/dollys/rails. Need to do some more research on whether you do a shoot -> move -> shoot type of programming with shutter release built in. But even as a programmable video dolly, this would be cool.

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