The Thunderblade from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hey everyone!

While the model itself was most definitely not made on a Glowforge, the Stat block sign was! Really my favorite part of our builds is that laser-cut finishing touch. It really ties together the build!

My husband and I run a crafting YouTube channel. In the past, we have made mostly maps and such with our Glowforge. Recently we have been getting more and more into large prop builds. I knew I really wanted to make a sword from the Breath of the Wild. I wanted to try something that I hadn’t seen before. Everyone has made a Master Sword, so I wanted to make something else. I made the Thunderblade. I know a thunderblade isn’t all that powerful of a weapon but its one of my favorite in the game.

The thunderblade shown took about 3 months to make. It was 3d printed, silicone molded, plastic casted, electrified and painted. We made a custom sword mount as well as laser cut the Stat block from the game to be displayed next to it. The electronics are from the Adafruit Lightsaber build shown here - We just used two light strands and coded it to do the actions and sounds like in the game.

If you have any questions, let me know but If you want to just see how we made it, there is a video here -

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Nicole C
When Geeks Craft


Stunning. Great job.


thank you!

Wow! If you started with a Taser you could make it real! :star_struck: Would be much more impressive than those minimalist designs.


Looks so amazing! You are in your own league, surpassing we mortals.


get outta town!