The Tiny Head Fan is Dirty

So my laser wasn’t cutting as well and my last PG Maple Ply cut smelled up my house. I figured it was as time for a cleaning as it never smelled like that before. When I cleaned the lens I noticed the little fan on the head has residue from all the acylic in it. How do we clean that?

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It is probably also on the exhaust grill too if you are getting positive pressure pushing the smell into the room.

I was doing a massive amount of 3D engraves and smoke started training out.
Cleaned it all and also popped the duct work off and found what you see below.
There are several tips throughout the forums on cleaning the grill. None of them are fast and mine was pipe cleaners and a shop vac.


I was suffering positive air flow and fumes and was ready to stop forging until I was alerted to the problem of the exhaust grid blockage. I found that a straw brush works very well. My unit works as good as new with a quick brush through with every cleaning cycle.


I’ve been looking for a good tool for this. Did you buy it online?

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Got it at Walmart. It came in a package with bottle brush.

I use a rocket blower and it seems to work well.


I have done a soft art brush and a light touch with a vacuum hose.