The tower of laptops

The tower of laptops as facilitated by the glowforge… I think I can get used to this…


Cool concept, but why so many laptops? Is that a school? :grinning:

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It’s something that happens as an engineer.

The top one is a work laptop. Next one is my surface (the primary home machine). But audio software I use only runs well on a Mac, plus the Mac has a larger screen and fusion 360 is more stable there. Bottom one is just a backup Mac. But then we also have one raspberry pi each for the 2 cncs, the other laser, the spectrum analyzer, the 3d printer, and …

It all starts simply enough “I just need a raspberry pi to host the 3d printer I want to build” and then you look up a few years later and this is what has happened.

Slippery slope and all that…


I can relate, but mine are all desktops and towers. (We have no cabinet space left.) :smile:
Looks like a great storage solution. (Very engineer-ish.)


Also a curse of being with a IT guy, he never wants to get rid of the things that don’t work since he can fix them when he gets around to it. Think there are at least 5 in my house in various stages of usefulness (actually working to large paperweight).

Don’t get me started on towers…


That will be me. :thinking:


Just be wary of overheating. I could see this turning into a space heater quickly if they are all running.


Been there, USB fan should help with the worst
Have a couple of these and they help immensely.

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Glad you’re happy with the turnout.