The ultimate hold down pins

After dealing with the wood hold down pins that always seem to break or slip at the most inopportune time, I created a 3D printed hold down pin that actually works all the time.

Since it does take time and material for me to make them and takes me away from lasering, I am offering them on my Etsy shop for a small price.

Glowforge Hold Down Pins


How long have you been using them. Wondering how long they hold up. FDM prints don’t generally tend to do well with repeated stress.


With the proper material and print orientation they should work just fine. I have several designs that I made for my work that have been used for months with no reduction in strength.


I made my hold down pins nearly 3 years ago (at the makerspace before I even bought my own laser) out of Baltic Birch and I’m still using the same set. I keep wondering what everyone else is cutting theirs out of. Now I don’t use my machine as much as some people, but still. Maybe everyone is using draftboard?


I made mine from 1/8” acetal (delrin). They are virtually indestructible!


Mine are made of Amazon MDF, and I haven’t had a single one break yet. (9 months). And if they ever do, the wood only costs $2 for a 12x20 sheet, and that will make a LOT of pins.

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About 6 months. I haven’t had any break although I have cut a few.


I found that the “T” shaped pins tend to lose grip after a while and for some reason. I think they just get slick from the constant rubbing on the metal. Plus they only touch two sides of the hole, but whatever works best for you. I just know that I was frustrated with the pins not holding stubborn material so I came up with a solution that works for me on my Glowforge and scaled up, also works on my Nova 51.


I must confess, I was distracted by the relative cleanliness of your crumb tray compared to mine…


Can u share how u made yours

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I just used the T shaped pins that are in the Free Laser Designs category and made them out of the $2/board MDF that you can order from Amazon. To be fair, I am always super gentle with everything in proximity of my GF, but I haven’t broken any yet.

Gonna get me some. You’re right about the do it yourself ones. And it’s cheaper than buying a 3D printer and learning it.

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