The Ultimate Scary Pumpkins - Kim's DIY Tribe

I was so excited by how these came out! Sorry for my warped sense of humor! Haha
It was a lot of fun to do. I rubbed the inside with cinnamon and it smelled like I was baking pumpkin pies! Lol


This is really awesome and your write-up is great. I was wondering how on earth I could really make a pumpkin work (I tried the little tiny pumpkins but I wanted something bigger).

Thanks for sharing!


So fun!

Mind blown, definitely going to do this for Halloween :crazy_face:
Thank you for the new rabbit hole

Really came out awesome! We keep saying we’re going to do that, but this will be year 3 where we don’t. :slight_smile:

Also, be prepared for absurd backlash for your sense of humor as some don’t seem to have that sense in full working order. :wink: Some of us recall “The Trumpkin Incident of 2017.”

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I’m curious how long these last for you. My lasered pumpkins decomposed way faster than my traditionally carved pumpkins. The thin engraved faces were dehydrated, curled, and covered in mold after only about three days, while the traditional ones held up for about a week.


Did you spray them with vegetable oil?


No, is that a thing?

Yes. It helps keep the cut pumpkin from drying out. It keeps the cut surfaces from being exposed to air.

Interesting. I’ve never heard of that, but it makes sense. I’ll try it out if we manage to get ahold of pumpkins this year

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With 4 kids we always had bunches of jack o’lanterns :grin:

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I finally gave up on real pumpkins and carved up a couple of those fake styrofoam ones.
(Squirrels were not happy.)

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Rolling on the floor laughing… :upside_down_face:
there is a mental picture I can’t get out of my head.

Going to try the vegi oil trick too…


Mine did not decompose faster than my hand carved ones but I like in hot humid Florida so I’ve only ever had pumpkins last about 2-3 days outside. Inside in the AC (where these were) they lasted about 5. If mine look wilted (hand carved or lasered) I put them in a big Bucket full of cold water with a Tablespoon of bleach. It revives them and deters mold growth.


They came out perfectly, only trick is getting that first 2in slice, after that cakewalk :grinning: Thank you for info and link =)


Wow, fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing. Too bad I’m out of town or I’d be downstairs “carving”.

Yay!!! I’m so thrilled you tried it!!! My first cut was a bit off as well but a learning curve is just that! No big deal! Yours look AWESOME! :star_struck:

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Works great.

The kids are gonna try a make a hundred of these if I let them


This makes me so happy!!! I literally kept thinking of ideas I wanted to try too!!!

Couple more I did.