The Unbeatable Dr. Nim



I might take a stab at building one of these games:

I fondly remember playing Nim in a discrete math class in college.


I could have sworn this came up a few months ago, but not finding it via search… Anyhoo, have you seen this:

There’s a video (sadly non-linkable) on the page…

I’ve wanted to build one of these since I first saw it a few years ago.


That’s the same outfit that does the Egg-bot.


Yep… They also sell Solarbotics marble machines, which look
like fun:

The laser cut spiral is intriguing…


Oh great, more toys…(might not be able to wait for the GF.)


I definitely want to build one of those as well. Great for teaching kids about binary and logic.


I think they also carried this LED project kit (but can’t find it now)

My lab manager was not amused, btw…


Ooh. We had a digicomp 1 when I was a kid. Also, assembled that solarbotics kit. The spiral works pretty well, but over the long term the kit is a lesson in the non-rigidity of thin amorphous wood products.


I put the files to my marble machine online, it’s a slightly older version to the one I sell through solarbotics but it’s still perfectly functional


Thank you, that’s very generous of you!


Excellent! Thanks for the link…


Thanks! Built one of those, can’t wait to mess with the design.


Sir, you exude a rare generosity.
Thank you For the link!


Awesome! Another spectacular design added to the collection! :smiley:

Many thanks!


I had a Digi-Comp I, back in the 60s. The Digi-Comp II was from later in the 60s. It’s super-cool that Evil Mad Scientist put it back into production. I’m not sure why they call it “First Edition” though. More details at .