The Value of Novelty

Peregrine Church of Rainworks recently presented this Ted Talk about the value of novelty. Sharing it here, as I thought some of you might enjoy it :slight_smile:


Ha, thought this was going to be about exchanging…um…partners.

That was a good little talk. (Love the guy’s name too.) :grin:

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Very good. We could all use a little more novelty in our lives :smile: I especially liked his “One Free Coupon”

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Yeah, sounds like something out of a JD Salinger novel, doesn’t it? :wink:

Perry and Xack (his biz partner at Rainworks) are my daughter’s friends. One was her classmate from K-12. The other is the son of one of my oldest friends. So I learned about their venture via my daughter/his mother, and have continued to follow their story because I love the concept of folks creating community art simply for the purpose of adding more joy and wonder to the world … it needs it.


Love it! We could use more novelty and fun in my workplace.