The Verb Project


Some time ago, I subscribed to the Noun Project and since became inspired to create what might be called the ‘Verb Project’….this bunch of small pins.

I made a list of verbs, then used the Noun Project to find small images to illustrate each verb. Of course, for some there are several nouns and images that could be used. At this point, it seems the possibilities are endless.

I loved making these. The smaller ones with attached charms are about 1.5” long and the two Christmas ones are about 1.75”. Engraved and cut with my Glowria and hand colored using fine tipped paint pens. The cards were also done on the GF. All have a tack type pin on the back.

I really don’t know what to do with all of these……I was having so much fun, I just kept making more and more.


Those are all so cool especially on the custom cards. I love the little submarine.



Very nice!! I love the designs and painting. Well done.


Excellent as always! (Do you have one for Adulting? Because I seriously like that and I picked it up somewhere on the forum. It should be immortalized.) :smile:


I agree…that’s a good one. Could be very tough though, finding an image for that. :smile:


Big stick figure holding the hand of little stick figure? Little stick figure looking up? Big stick figure looking down? (Bet you could even draw it.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll give it a shot! I also JUST came up with one for Glowforging folks, though it might be only us long-timers here in the forum that really ‘get’ it. But, that’s OK. Having some ‘in’ jokes is always fun.


Those are so wonderful @Xabbess!!! You have to be so proud of yourself! You have really come into your own as an artist!!!


The colors that you are choosing look great, and the detail in your art is fantastic. :sunglasses:


Oh gosh, it made me happy, happy, happy (or merry, merry, merry) just looking at these! They look so professional, as does your logo. I hope you find a place to sell them, I think they’d be a hit!


They!re all so adorable … The cards really make them extra special, too!


Looks like you are back into banking - banking a bunch of fabulous verb celebrating pins. I have more than one favorite, and the custom card display for each one is soooo professional - as is your coloring on each. These belong in one of those wonderful independent bookstore/coffee shop/home made pie shops. Thanks for showing them to us.


(and to @cynd11, too) Thank you so much! I’m trying to ‘break in’ to some places like that, but it’s a tough thing to do. I’ve been making two or three related directly to a shops particular clientele (a winery, a yarn shop, etc), and presenting them in person as an introduction, but so far getting no hits. ‘Call me back next spring’…

I’ll keep trying


Wow I love all the color, they all look great.


Or a line of people at the top, and paperwork dangling :frowning:

Adulting sucks


Your artistic flair is just so rich and evident in these pins. The whole concept itself and presentation. What a real gift, but I am sure you have worked long and hard on getting these things tweaked to perfection.


Your visual verbs sure are cute!


You know all too well, I am sure. Probably longer and harder than I needed to, but that’s just the way I roll. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are absolutely stunning – the sort of product that will keep people returning to see what new ones you’ve made! :heart_eyes:


I came to say almost the exact same thing, but read down the posts before hitting reply…

I was just going to say how proud of @Xabbess I am… even if that sounds kind of weird. (?) From being the pioneer for using Affinity Designer on the Glowforge, to teaching others how to use it; to putting out incredible product like you posted in this thread; even the product photos are just great. I love seeing how you went from what seemed to be slightly intimidated by the Glowforge (sorry, just was my perception in the beginning!) but not afraid to ask questions, to just flat out rocking it, and everything that comes along with it.