The wait is finally over ... just got my international GOLDEN TICKET ... UK


Well after what seemed like an eternity and thoughts of “ it would never come “

Woke up to a GOLDEN TICKET. And I’m not surprised you guys in the USA didn’t hear the whooping.

Thanks Dan and team for keeping your promise.


Congratulations!!! Now comes the hardest part of the wait :slight_smile:


I’ve waited since ordering on day 1… 30 months so the next few weeks will be a breeze.


Can’t wait for mine.


That is fantastic news! Congrats


Thinking of you B, and can feel your excitement from here in Frizzleton.


That’s great news! How much are you betting customs will charge you?


It’s not that we didn’t hear it, we just couldn’t figure out what it was. All that echoing across the ocean, the closest I could guess was “really happy humpback whale sounds” :slight_smile:


I think £400-£500 with vat at 20% on £2000.
Plus UPS handling charge


Yay! Congrats :slight_smile: Did you order the pro or basic?


Congrats! So glad to hear it! :grinning:


Ordered Basic .


I’ll be really interested to see how long it takes and what condition it arrives in.


Don’t worry …watch this space. … I’ll let you know.


VERY happy for you!


Us too. :slight_smile: Cheering for all our international customers today.


Congrats! Excellent news!




Thanks for the info. Curious on what it will be exact. I’m expecting a €1000+ charge for the pro model myself…


I agree with £400-500 in VAT and duty but I’m curious, how you’re getting £2000. Are you just very mush roughing it out there?

I make my basic $2473 (inc shipping) as £1768 at today’s rate (like £300 more than I actually paid for it :frowning: ). Assuming a 2.5% duty - which I think goes on before VAT would give me 17681.025 = 1812.201.2 = 2174.64

So, £407 in VAT and duty. If that’s correct, I’ll be happy with that.