The Wait is Over!... Well Almost

I woke up this morning to a UPS notification that tomorrow I was to expect a delivery that required a signature, this could only be one thing!
I quickly logged into the ap and am having the unit held at the depot for pickup, which means I have to wait til Monday to actually get it. But I rather have us both there to lift it then risk damage.
The other down side is I have halfway through a cross town move. So my GF will have to wait in it’s box until the new studio is set up. Which hopefully wont take too ling. I have a long list of things I want to make, I’ve already ordered a bunch more proofgrade and got my box of inventables acrylic in yesterday.


You can sleep on the floor. Keep your priorities straight! :slight_smile:



You could also sleep on the box as it seems somewhat large :wink:

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I’m considering moving into my box.


A little added incentive to get that move done!

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Going to go pick it up in 3 hours!
It will have to live in my car til Thursday after the movers are done bringing our furniture over.
Hoping everything is safe and secure and no issues with setup this coming weekend.
It will be a GF Easter for me!


Congrats! :grinning:

I feel your pain.

Beamer arrived shortly before our move. While he has been relocated to his new home, he has only been fired up once since the move. We are about to sell our extra house, which will then provide me with more time to light Beamer Up.

I have made 4 things with him so far. :frowning: