The Whole Band!

I had to take the plunge (except for the clarinet…)

All of these were made by @arh2 & @beerfaced and put on a wiki here: Mini musical instruments: the whole band!
I made a few changes for my own versions - including cutting the “strings” because the score over the engrave made a really deep cut. I also fattened up a few of the other instruments using @arh2’s layering method

PG draft score, PG draft engrave, and PG cut
Maple hardwood

I just remembered about the forum stripping rasters - so here’s a zip with the Conga’s shaded engrave: band-all instruments_V10 (597.1 KB)

OMG the fact that the gut on the bow is solid - but literally bows like it’s real if you bend it (very carefully)

No bananas in the house but the large harp is 5", and the 2 guitars 4"


OMG - these are even more beautiful - improved and putting them all together like that!
I have more instrument designs in mind, but am busy with present making at the moment - which has precedent…


Simply wonderful! I love seeing them all together like this. The conga is especially interesting—it almost glows!

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Thanks for combining them.

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Super nice. Great job.


Those are great!!! I can see them as ornaments!


What an amazing photo! So nice to see the whole band. Need to move these up on my list!

You need to show some LEGO guys playing them.


LOVE these! The detail! wow