The Wizarding World of Glowforge

Since the forum says I’m still a new user and can only include 3 images per post, this is going to take several replies to this to get everything up, so bear with me…

I did a massive gift exchange at a Harry Potter convention last weekend (10 iterations each of 14 crafts) and wanted to share the ones I had done on the Glowforge. It gave me an opportunity to play with several new materials (I had never done anything in mirror, slate, or acrylic before), as well as new techniques (double-sided engraves, assembling a notebook), so it was a ton of fun.

While I’m pleased with how everything turned out, the 2 acrylic ornaments in particular were very challenging to me, as they required much more advanced design skills than I had previously used, so I’m ridiculously proud of how those turned out.

I’ll start with the simple ones that I only took one picture of, and work my way up from there. I think it should take me about 7 posts to get all the pictures up, we’ll see if I counted correctly.

Without further ado…




I was very pleased at how functional this was and still laid flat, I wasn’t sure if the wood would be too thick for it to work.




This was a very tricky one for me, I took just a multi-colored jpg, broke it apart by color in Inkscape, and then cleaned it up and went from there. Very different to anything I’d done before. Pretty sure this one gave me the most anxiety, especially the candy cane bits.



Not for long, judging by these pictures. Nice collection.


Last one!

I had never designed a snowflake from scratch before, so my first attempt had the ends be too thin, but I’m happy with how it turned out, lots of Deathly Hallows in there. :slight_smile:



Wow, a mammoth collection - good work on all those pieces, especially since so much was from scratch.

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Thanks for sharing these pictures of your creations. It reminds me that summer is passing quickly and it is time to consider winter projects that need to be done.


Wow, you must have been the star of the convention! Very impressive showing.

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Oh no!

@twilightliliez, you made some really great stuff for the convention.

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These are really fun! I’m a big Harry Potter fan.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your issue isn’t that you’re “new,” it’s that you aren’t listed as an “owner.” You can’t get beyond basic trust level without an owner label. You and I joined around the same time and I was also stuck in limbo until I bought my own GF last August. I had been working in a maker space previously.

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Some exceptional work!

Reminding me I promised to work up some HP items for my daughter and her husband.

Well that makes more sense, though it’s a bit irksome considering I’m not using a makerspace, the GF is right upstairs in the guest room. I’ll have to see what can be done about that, thanks for the info.


Yeah, it’s frustrating, especially if you need support, since you’re limited in how many posts you can create. You’re not the first owner with the issue as we have a lot of couples on here who share the ‘forge.

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