The Work in Process: Vectorizing Drawings for Laser Cutters


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Cool Video! Glowforge in the wild
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

Cool. 13:37 for the glowforge and finished product if you don’t have time for the whole video.




I just want a Glowforge lol


WOOT! :love::squeeee:


That’s the goooood part :sunglasses:


Well I just learned something new… :nerd:


I won’t be 1337 again until I have my 'forge.


really nice. the only thing I don’t get is why she’s not using the shape builder tool in Illustrator. It would have saved her at least half the time to draw it.


This is awesome! I’ve got a lot of ideas that revolve around layering like this, and it’s soooo inspiring to see something similar to what’s cooking in my brain!


That was painful, watching her struggling with Illustrator like that!


Nestled between 1336 and 1338, 1337 is commonly known as a number, or for the more advanced; an “integer”.
Urban Dictionary cracks me up.


ALso short for “Elite”… as in “U R 1337 hAX0r d00d”


Or just Leet!


I have spent the last 23 years trying to shake off the nerdy reputation of high school, please do not make me regress. :smile:


Was planning a new VLAN scheme a few years back. My boss and I were coming up with ranges and he said “We’ll probably want an admin range. Whataya wanna use?” I said “Oh, that’s easy… 1337.” He thought silently for a moment… “I love it!”


Another new word for me! Kinda makes me feel like one of the wizards.


Really cool look at someone’s work process. It’s so fun to star seeing work flow stuff coming out now versus just cutting video. Good stuff!


Saw this video on


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