The work of Eric Standley

I’m not sure if this has been posted already, for inspiration check out the laser cut paper work of Eric Standley


I’ve seen examples of his work or things similar but didn’t have a source. This vid is great for technique. Thanks for posting.

So beautiful, I hadn’t seen this video before, thanks for posting!

Thank you for posting this! I came across his work a few years ago during a project but had forgotten the name of the artist, and definitely haven’t seen this video before…Now let me go daydream about creating work anywhere near this delicate and refined! :smile:

Well, he has certainly found the way to demonstrate complexity. I have found the Chinese to have a great feel for paper cutting. I have several examples of their work. They are also very good at making paper boxes. When you buy something in China, it usually come in a stylish box. It is very hard to discard the box because of the care and design. They take such care with the item that it rests in a nice box made of paper or wood. Check out these designs:

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Wow, this is absolutely astounding. Thanks for posting this!

thats epic…

not laser cut, but still a bit of inspiration with what can be achieved with plain paper & patience.
This is video of a friend’s wife:

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those are really amazing works. Quite inspiring stuff, it sure generates a lot of ideas. I noticed this guy a while ago, who does utterly amazing things by hand. Imagine what he could do with a laser…

OUTSTANDING! I can’t wait to try something like that!

It is insane the concepts and ideas out there. By the time the GF ships, they will have all been done!