THERE HEEEEERE* (but not yet)


Don’t misread this, Michaels has useful goods and is always worth a wander.
Like the other resources they are suppose to of handled, they will be out of stock forever.
I gave up on Michaels for Proofgrade stuff a long time ago.


Are you thinking of Joann maybe? Michaels just started carrying Glowforge machines and materials in the past 30 days.

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To be fair, Michael’s is still crap when it comes to keeping stuff in stock…

this is just a follow up to @dan 's post about them selling materials.

I’ve found this to be highly dependent on location.
Central Los Angeles: crappy
Wealthy SoCal suburb 1 (Chatsworth): excellent
Middle class SoCal suburb 2 (Orange County): crappy
Central Chicago: excellent
Central Atlanta (inside the Perimeter): crappy
Suburban Atlanta: excellent

:woman_shrugging: YMMV


Yeah I’ve got 3 within driving distance, depending on what I’m looking for it’s ether all 3 miss, one of 3 hit or all 3 hit, and that rotates on a whim.

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