There’s what we do, and then there is _woodworking_

So pleasing.


Lately have been steam bending planks that I saw from thick rough maple lumber. Those guys are playing in the big leagues. I’m just T-Ball.


I set out to bend cylinder lamps and made quite a few, just by long soaking in hand sanitizer but got very little interest for the effort. I just got a pressure cooker big enough to handle what I was doing then, but doing more has fallen to a lower priority,

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Built a 5 ft long steam box and have been bending 1/4" ripped maple planks in a 12" circle. Pretty easy for stuff that thin. Could bend much thicker stuff with a larger steam reservoir but don’t have a need.


This was a typical case, I had 6" wood so dia was 6/Pi…


I find the most impressive part of that video to be the long rip cut with a circular saw. I need to jig up a crosscut of a 2x6 if I want it remotely straight. :sob:


I presume they had some sort of guide, What threw me was that they were using knotty (longleaf?) pine. Not my first choice of wood for such a project. I knew of a much smaller boat built in the 1920s in Andros in the Bahamas. They first cut all the wood and threw it into a salt pond to come back two years later when the shipworms had infested all that they were able to. What ever was untouched by the shipworms is what they used for the boat.

Unless the guide is a solid wall, it won’t matter for my lack of skill in making a straight cut.

Aren’t they in Norway? I believe shipworms are a warm water problem. IIRC the Europeans didn’t copper plate their ships until they all started falling apart in tropical waters.

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That may be an answer. Boats built in southern waters have a serious issue of cracking when the temps are below freezing, but northern boats have a serious problem with rot and critters eating the boats up.

Because it did not freeze in Miami there was a population of longleaf pine that was incredible. A friend had some in his 100 yr old house and could not hammer a nail in. He broke three drills and finally got a hole deep enough to put in the nail but the house smelled of fresh cut pine for a week.

That variety is near extinct, but would shatter in a hard freeze.

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