There’s your sign


I finally got around to making a larger sign for my new makerspace. The parts made on the Glowforge turned out great, the rest will need iterations


That looks fantastic!


I love this! I might have to borrow some inspiration…


Very cool sign! Nice touch :sunglasses:


That turned out great!

More inspiration, so many great ideas, so little time to actually work on them.


That is super cool!


What a wonderful sign! Absolutely perfect for the space. Are those color changing LEDs? That would be awesome!


Wow–that’s really attractive. Gives a very professional look to your business.


Thanks everybody! Yeah, I got the remote control cut to size one on amazon and they’re great. Multiple colors and patterns, you can even control it from your phone.


Is it all, like, glued in permanently? Because you should change it around every April Fools. “I Space Plot”, “Place o’ Spit”, “Police Spat”, “Polite Caps”, “Lice Soap…Pt”.

Ok, I’m out of ideas.


Yes, Exactly! I make it so that you can put in new letters or Change them around :grin:


Control from your phone too? Can I talk you into digging up that link?


Sure thing! It was this one:


“Pale Optics”, “Apple Stoic”, “Elastic Pop”, “Poetic Slap”, “Topic Lapse”, “Special Pot”…

Of course, we’re inserting spaces, which there isn’t necessarily room for. So, maybe dropping letters is the way to go.

“Epic Post”, “Top Slice”, “Polecats”, “Apes”…

I really like “Place o’ Spit”, though.




Nice like it.




Reminds me of something I do every year since I met my wife. She has these little wooden building blocks that spell out NOEL that she puts out every Christmas. I wait until she’s not looking and then rearrange them to spell LEON. Usually takes a day or two for her to notice. I think she’s given up on fixing it.


Ya’ll forgot the obvious…

“Pie Spa” or “Lots A Pie”



Nice work!
I would also very much appreciate a link for the controler/led you’re using.

We’ve got stocking holders for the mantle that spell Santa, I switch them around to satan at least once a year just to see how long it takes my wife to notice.