There's a bit of room left for the GlowForge

We’ve just moved to a new workshop, and I setup my older, “small” laser last night. There’s space right in the middle for a table and the GlowForge! I’ll have to get creative to tap the GF’s exhaust into the 8" ducting the other machines are using.

For those wondering: Left is FSL 80W 900mm x 600mm machine, right is LightObject 100W 1400mm x 2500mm machine (soon to be 130W).


LOVE the sign! Congrats on the moving into a new workshop.


Nice workshop. Love the logo.


Great space - I really admire your work. Were you featured somewhere fairly recently? I could swear I read about your shop or came across it in some other context. In fact I was trying to search for it the other day - but I mistakenly thought you were in Oakland, around Jack London or there-abouts.

In any event, you’ve got an awesome thing going! I even came across a sign on your site for a company here in Chico that I love - Wild Ink Press.

I hope you post a lot of work from your GlowForge!


Not too sure about being featured, but we were in Oakland until recently. We’ve moved North a bit to Berkeley a couple weeks ago, and the workshop went from 480sq ft to ~3000 sq ft.

Wild Ink Press is awesome - we’ve done two or three signs for them.


Very nice, but you should upgrade your hand saw…
(Neat antique!) :sunglasses:

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Big fan of your work. Been following it from your very early days. I still send referrals to your site because you just keep getting better. I’d love to see what you do with the GlowForge when you get it!



If you don’t mind me asking. How much did those machines cost?

The FSL: $9k with shipping about 6 years ago, LightObject: $19k with delivery, setup, training & 3 more site visits over the next two years. The big one included a water chiller as well. I’ll be using up one of those site visits to upgrade the tube to 130W. I did have to hire a forklift to unload the thing.

Our FSL is one of the first of that size they started selling. The new body has a pass-through trap door now, along with a larger tube hatch on the back. If you’re thinking of getting a larger machine, definitely get one with pass-through capabilities…you’ll hit your limit soon enough without it. I used to get around it by swapping in a super short focal length lens, so the head can clear the material resting across the threshold.