Thermal behavior

Just a note that we’re refining the temperature behavior to allow for some more operating margin - it should make it so you can print in somewhat higher ambient temperatures with the Basic.


Great to hear! I love how forum concerns get attention.

Thanks @dan!


Oh yes, I should have said that directly: thanks for all the helpful feedback, it’s how we make everyone’s Glowforge better!


I’m sure that the starting temperatures or operating limits will continue to be adjusted. Of course that doesn’t mean that the Basic will be allowed to operate in temperatures that everyone considers reasonable. The current temp limits are lower than most want or many need. But it seems that after finding an initial sweet spot, every degree higher could affect tube life. At some point it just devolves into the company giving a amber light and GUI warning that continued operation will void the tube warranty. It’s a trade-off.


sure, though i’d argue that for basic unit customers, it was really not at all made clear that the temperature restrictions would be so severe; based on the company’s actions to date, i’d wager they built a large margin of safety into the current guidelines anyway.


I fully expect a barrage of replies concerning what shoulda been a better design or a listed specification. I wasn’t invited to their design meetings so didn’t go there and won’t speculate.



I’m glad deliveries happened in the heat of the summer, if it happened in the winter they would have had half the fleet bricked for a month while they sorted it out.

Also, glad I ordered a Pro.


That is great news :tada:


Just echoing this sentiment because it’s kind of a big deal. I really appreciate that customer feedback is given so much weight with this company. Thank you.


:smile: I was standing in the a/c aisle at Lowes finally about to breakdown and get a portable room a/c when I decided to check Home Depot’s website to see what they offered and saw this posting. Did not spend $500 - came home instead and I’ll check on the new temps tonight. Thanks!


Yep, main reason I got the pro. Considering all other lasers need a chiller, but basic has no active cooling, it was a pretty obvious no go if I get ambient temps in high 70s to might 80s in the workshop in the summer…but that required a bit of reading up on general laser stuff/compete Rion out there. There should have been temp specs given when the previous orders went live.


Okay. I couldn’t wait. Just went downstairs and cut a couple of things - quick jobs (couple minutes) and all is well. Infrared temp meter says the heat exchanger was 81.5 (basement says it’s 83 though - 37% RH).

Anyone want a couple of failed cooling experiments? :slight_smile: At least I can reuse the Draftboard I used. Most of it anyway.


Are you saying it has been changed already? Nothing on the improvements page to indicate it has.

thanks @dan

I’d always envisioned my GF living in the garage with the rest of the tools. That meant when the operating environment change was rolled out it was effectively “bricking” my system for a lot of the year in Florida. I wasn’t a totally happy customer at that point :slight_smile:

Now that the GF is in the house both she and I are happy again.


Ahhhh! That is nice! She’s not having hot flashes today.

Super! (Thanks guys.) :upside_down_face:


Great to hear, I will be running my Glowforge in an A/C home just to be on the safe side.


that said i’m medium worried as dates continue to slip; now the glowforge may be delivered after things start freezing here. i wonder what tests have been done in re very cold temperatures and delivery…

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I believe so. Previously it would Alert as soon as I turned it on if the temp was 78F or above. Today it was 83F and it worked for 2 quick jobs. I’ve got a project to do tonight. I’ll report back then.

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We have a specialized test facility test extreme high and low storage temperatures.