Just found this that I made several years ago…cheap cookie jar from Walmart, Thermark and laser.


Wow, that’s a lot darker than I expected.

Is it as easy as spraying it on, lasering where you want it to mark, and cleaning off the excess?

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There are different laser settings depending on the metal its used on but yes…spray it on, laser then wash off.


Here are the lists of laser settings for thermark


How does it work? Spray on or brush on? How easy is it to clean off the extra at the end - and what to you use?

I use the spray on but the brush on works well if you can get an even coat and is a bit less expensive since you dont use as much… It washes off easily.

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Washes off - with water?

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Pretty much…you use wipes if you want

Thanks for the post. One of the better pictures using this stuff.

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I’ve been looking at thermark as well, but haven’t gotten much response from mailing/calling them for support one the project I was trying to use it for (anodized aluminum belt buckle). For some stainless steel experiments I was doing I did find that spray on dry moly lube works pretty well (like $10 a can from amazon vs. $70 for a smaller can of thermark spray).


The dark areas don’t look 100% black - is that a photo issue? The Thermark example above looks pure black.

What do you clean the leftover Dry Moly with? Is it easy to clean?

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Thanks for that cool example!
Quite a difference in $!

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I think the thermark is probably darker and easier to wash, but at least 10x the price :slight_smile: I cleaned the moly lube off with isopropyl alcohol. Both dry pretty quickly. The moly lube you can handle more easily after application without wiping it off by mistake.