They are Everywhere

Thanks to @willcfc for bringing the design to our attention, I have a herd now. Great use of scrap!
The herd has migrated and was distributed to all my neighbors.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank you all for just being Awesome! :star_struck:


Guests are all gone now, dishwasher is running, and I can sit down and catch up on the forum.

I had the two reindeer I cut the other day sitting out on the table and my sister went nuts over them. I just said “here, take 'em. I can cut myself some more.” She was thrilled. Then I showed her a puzzle I had cut and she went ga-ga over that, so I said why don’t we go downstairs and cut you one while we are digesting dinner waiting until it’s time for pie. Total cut time less than 15 minutes and she took video for the grandson she’s giving the puzzle to.

It’s just so cool to be able to do that.


Yes! Amazing to be able to bang out something custom, personalized on the spot, and finished when you peel it.
“Can you ___?” “Yes, while you watch!” :sunglasses:


This is the only part that we share right now :slightly_smiling_face:, but it’s all good. Waiting for round two…the dessert round! I did sorta the same with the reindeer, too. My grandson has a set, and today my brother and I cut a pair for him to take home to his landlady. You’re so right…it’s so much fun.


I LOVE these guys!


I made a Rudolph flat pack and a grazing doe & buck for the couple’s. Everyone punched them out & put them together waiting for dessert. Mine have separate legs & hip sections so there was some messing around with other sibling’s Rudolphs putting appendages on in odd places :slightly_smiling_face: But everyone had fun.

New daughter-in-law fit in fine - she had her Rudolph wandering around the table, climbing up my son’s arm and got his feet tucked into my son’s hair so Rudolph was standing on top of his head. Best quote - “see what you’ve gotten yourself into?” :slightly_smiling_face: