They're not all winners

I’ve been thinking about making a holder for leather stamping tools for a while. With the extra time I’ve had, it seemed like a good time to tackle box making and conquer the kerf. Well, the pictures below were my result… proof that they are not all winners! The good news is that the entire holder was largely over engineered, so it still functions quite well… it just looks kinda… special. The even better news is that my tabs all fit perfectly fine and no glue was needed to assemble my monstrosity! I’ll take it and it will serve as my constant reminder of the skills I need to further hone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You needed breathing holes for the elf who cleans your tools at night…yeah, that’s it!


This is beyond fantastic. I have over 100 stamping tools.


I like it. That’s going to be my justification from here on out!


It does make life so much easier! I had everything just thrown in a box and it was a pain any time I wanted to dig one out. I would say that designing wasn’t that hard, but… well, you’ve seen my pictures.


I keep a few “rough” cuts around to serve as reminders. You’ll develop a mental (or actual) checklist as you experiment. This one serves its function, so great!

Whatever works, and it looks like this works. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I get weary looking at all the perfect outcomes here in the forum compared to the broken bits and misaligned items on my own desk.

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That’s one of the main reasons I thought it was important to share a little bit of failure here. I’m pretty sure most of us mess up the occasional project, but those are the ones that are much less likely to be shared. As long as something is learned, then the project can still be a success!


Great project, glad it serves the purpose. I love having my things so easy to access.