Thick but more transparent paper

Hi all,

I have been having fun making shadow boxes. These are multi-layered paper cuts in a deep frame with LED strips in the back. I wonder if any of you have a recommendation for a more transparent paper that is still quite thick. I like using 100lb cardstock as it stands up nicely, but I am also using 64lb paper, and printer paper in the back which lets the most light through.



Vellum. It’s available in 12x12x" pieces pretty much anywhere, I think Bazzill sells one.

Nope, they sell several.


That’s really nice. I love elephants.

Maybe more traditional/natural paper types… Shoji, rice, mulberry, etc? They’d give you a bit more texture as well. And vellum comes in so many colors and patterns. It can be a bit flimsy, though, so YMMV.


I wonder if saturating with some sort of oil post-cutting would increase the translucency of some of the papers you are using.


Thanks for the suggestions!

This is a very nice shadow box!

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