Thick chipboard sources

Guessing you missed my reply above? That’s just two laminated sheets of “medium”, which you probably already have…

Dick Blick should have free shipping over $35? When I started out with puzzles, I tested their chipboard and had free shipping over $35.

That thick is going to be a very slow cut, FYI.

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They do, but without knowing it’s actually .1 material. vs. two laminated .5 sheets like every other supplier, I’m not willing to spend $35 to find out. If I could find it locally to verify, that would be great.

What does it matter? Chipboard is all ply material, just a matter of how thick the material/ply’s are.

Then why pay a premium for thicker material when you can just laminate what you have on-hand already?

This. Gane Brothers is another good one. But, shipping is gonna cost ya.

And just to reiterate, this stuff is hard to cut when you get that thick. The .080” stuff I’ve cut needs to be down around 170 speed. I would guess .125” would be really, really difficult.

It’s very dense (and this also changes by manufacturer), and it also doesn’t reflect the beam like you get with wood and acrylic (which is what allows thicker woods to be cut as well as they do).


Saw it, but I don’t have enough .050 for more than just a sample, though. So since found I can order what I need, don’t have to laminate it myself! :wink:

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Thanks for the tip–I’ve cut 0.050, and slower speed and multiple passes is anticipated. Or at least get a good scoring so I can finish by hand to get the few dozen I want (for now). But I think it will be worth trying! :wink:

I’ve been happy with the 30 ply chipboard from Blicks. It measures approximately .097. I used speed 160/Full Power.26%20AM


Hi all,
Want to share a picture of a prototype for the hanger design that is driving my search for the 100pt chipboard. This test was made from section of a cereal box (about 30pt) and just test for dimensions, as it’s not rigid enough for what I’m after which I should be receiving shortly to make in quantity! (And the display board I bought the pattern though I’m modifying it heavily–in part to suit my material thicknesses (as I’ll likely make a few) as well as layout/size).

And the product would hang the other way around to show its laser etched side… and the “mirrored” surface is the window film I taped over my lid to help cut down on the laser bothering me since I sit right beside the machine when I’m at my computer, as well as cuts down on light getting into the unit).

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Thanks, good to know! Blick’s was one of my top choices, but options for shipping weren’t great, and I just don’t have a time to make a trip there in the time frame I’m trying to get this done (it’s about 2 hours each way for me, in light traffic!).

Just wanted to share the (nearly*) finished product–with the 100pt chipboard decided to just etch it directly with the text I wanted on both sides (so will be setting up with snap marks to make this process as fast & easy as possible to get a couple dozen ready). (*Still fiddling with final wording/positioning).


Great idea…….looks real good too. :grinning:

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Thanks–I’ve made these ID holders for years–at first just silk screening designs, but last 2 years having lots of fun etching with my GF. Before was just hanging them off some branched arm things, but I’m really glad this idea for display finally popped out of my head to be worked on!

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Those look sturdy enough to do the job! Glad you found something that works.

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These look really professional too. :blush:

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