Thick chipboard sources

I’m wanting to create some hang tags for some leather items, and want to use THICK chipboard–about 3/16" or 1/8", and am having a hard time finding sources. (This is about double thickness of what most Mat Boards and chipboard at craft/hobby stores stock).

One site has lots of options for thickness and size, but shipping is 2x the cost of the material.

An site for architectural supplies only had local pick up option–and I live about 1200 miles from them.

So while I get ready for another few hours of googling, I realized I may not be the first GF user with this need, and maybe someone else has already found a good source & can help out! TIA!

Where did you look?

Why not use draftboard (MDF)? It’s super cheap.

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Do you have a local lumber supplier? they might have a sheet in stock. I do that for most of my laser supplies. get them to chop the sheets up for me as well. 11.75"x19.5" gets you 16 sheets that size and 4 that are not quite 19.5" wide.
(Edit) even with the cutting charges, it still works out to around 2-4$ per work sheet in the end.

Hadn’t really considered draftboard/MDF–not the properties I want–too rigid, namely.

I’ve made some hangers with 0.050 thick mat board a while ago (since I had it laying around) and really want to get thicker to ensure they hold up well for repeated use in displays & handling. Thus 3/16" up to 1/8" max is my target.

None of the B&M stores in my area stock >0.040, or 0.060 (still not quite thick enough).

So far I’ve found has the best options for various thicknesses & sizes (from about 3x3 & up). But they use UPS ground, thus the shipping is 2x the material price for what I’m looking at.

And of course I didn’t think about this project until 2 weeks before I really want them :crazy_face: So unless I really want to pay out for faster shipping, or settle for the thinner stuff for my next show, at least I could have it for another big show a few weeks later… (just trying to take up the display method a couple notches over how I’ve been doing it).

Why not just laminate two pieces of regular chipboard?

I’ve been looking for thicker chipboard myself but have not found any. I would also like 1/16MDF but can’t find that either.

Thanks, BUT rarely do lumber suppliers carry chipboard–it’s not MDF or oriented strandboard (which might be what you’re thinking of). Chipboard is what cereal boxes and many mailers are made with…

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LOL, yeah my mistake, when i seen chip board i was thinking osb.

Thanks–might indeed be the best option for now. I already am planning to do some laminating to glue on the cardstock that I can run through my ink printer (laser or inkjet) so I can print info onto the tag.

(And I don’t need the MOQ that suppliers that make these require… nor the $ for the set-up for art work/die cutting).

Hmmmm, gears are spinning on some other options now… (and all the cereal boxes I have either in my shelves or recycling bin…).

No worries–it’s a term that does overlap, I’ve been so focused on the version I’ve been looking for, forget how confusing terms can get!

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Why not use leather? It does well with repeat handling.


100 weight chipboard


Blicks carries some that they say is .1", but none of my local stores carry it and shipping is obscene, similar to the place you shared.

Those are laminated sheets of “medium” (.05") chipboard.


Actually that idea popped into my head as I was typing another reply… And will give it more thought.

I’m looking for something stiff as what I have in mind is a hanger/tag for leather luggage tags/ID holders I make. To date I’ve just slipped a business card in so it’s seen thru the vinyl window, and hang them from their leather loop/buckled strap. So the idea that I came up with yesterday was part of the board would slip into the slot and the hang tag is few inches taller for space with the text and hole for hanging, as well as slots for the strap to go thru (and keeps the item on the hang tag). So more of a traditional retail type presentation that hangs on peg rack.

And can’t get as much contrast between the leather used for the hanging tag and the item as well as etched text on the leather–though I could silk screen that (I used to do a lot more single color silk screening on leather before I got my GF).

Try the saddle collection stuff.

Yes, thank you!! (not sure why I avoided Amazon in the search–not like I don’t get lots of other items there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

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Thanks for the suggestion… but I avoid faux like the plague.
I do have LOTS of scraps out of all the various leather hides I’ve been using, so I can find something to test the idea out if I do want to try leather, but I do prefer the rigidity of the chipboard --and someone just posted a link to something on Amazon. Doh. There’s nothing you can’t find on Mostly.

Thanks all–Amazon to the rescue–so will give the 0.100 stock from what @marthajackson1970 linked a try. And while waiting for it, can work on the design with the thinner stuff I have (or can get by cutting up cereal boxes).

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The best option will likely be bookbinding shops, like Hollanders as the thicker board is best for a hardcover book. Also try searching for Davey board.