Thick leather settings

Hi there!

I purchases 3-4 oz leather and I use thick leather setting and works fine, but after adding the adhesive is not going trough 100%. It needs to go a little deeper.

If anyone knows or advise me what setting to adjust to go deeper, I will really appreciate!!

Check out #6, an easy way to test materials.


Yes to what @evansd2 said - also, I find with thicker leather than running a 2nd faster cut to catch those last little strings gives you a cleaner cut than trying to force success on a single cut - so depending on what you mean by “not going through 100%” that may also be a solution.


“… second pass…”

that is good to know. I have not gotten to work with leather yet. oddly enough it was one of the reasons to get BEAMER in the first place.

man I need 45 hour days…