Thick walnut and cherry plywood out of stock

I have a design for which I depend on the thick walnut and cherry plywood from the Glowforge shop. Both have been out of stock for quite a while, and there’s no indication of when it might be back in stock. I presume it has something to do with COVID, but maybe not. Meanwhile, does anyone know of any other source for walnut and cherry plywood of the same thickness?

Posting here opens a support ticket, but support has no visibility into stock levels and availability.

There are many existing discussions on materials sources (search results limited to 100+)…

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You could sign up on the page for them to notify you when it is available and wait or…

The 1/4 [;ywood with mdf core in cherry and walnut can be found here (12x24 size)

Solid wood plywood is available here that may need cutting down (you could call and ask)

Since it is not an issue support can fix I am moving it to beyond the manual


Thanks for the replies. I ordered comparable wood from Johnson Plastics and actually found it much better. It is every so slightly thicker, and they don’t offer it in handy Glowforge sizes so it has to be cut down, but otherwise it is an improvement!

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