Hit reply before I posted the screen shot. So yes, this piece of cardboard cleared the whole surface. It measures .57 in some spots if I don’t squeeze the calipers.

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Wonder if mine hangs lower? (Newer model.)

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What I did was take a new stack of playing cards and slide the port across the deck. Measure the thickness of the remaining cards with calipers.


.433" is 11mm, any other significance?

Well i can’t measure at the moment…running a job…but I’ll take a look when it’s done.

No guarantee it means anything right now. We have no idea. Might increase or decrease like the bed limits as the S/W changes.

Okay, yeah for the record mine does hang just a hair lower… 0.535 inches clearance (used the deck trick…excellent idea…).

Probably why I caught it with the foam core that was 0.546 inches. (It also had a very faint warp - no way to get that stuff totally flat after it’s been stored in an attic for a few years.)


BTW: before you panic… I just put an object that was 0.632" in height on the crumb tray, had the head take a height measurement, (which it did), and scored a square on the material. I purposely placed it so that the air assist port would not impact the material since it was higher than the 0.57" limit. The scored square looked just fine and couldn’t visually see any out of focus difference. No idea why the .433" limit is in the GFUI.


Fire hazard? Wouldn’t you need a little bit of clearance below the bottom of the lens to keep any surface flame from getting up in there and screwing up the lens?

(no idea…just asking…I sometimes get some pretty hefty flames coming off of those things, particularly with things like foam core which tends to catch inside the paper backing and really torch the foam.)

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So, not that you would ever want to do this because it probably mucks up the air flow something fierce :wink: but what’s the Y (and maybe X) distance between the bottom window/lens of the GF and the edge of the scoop? It looks like a few inches.

Somebody else will probably answer. I’m getting ready to play music for a local dinner. Gotta go.

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Break a leg! :smile:

It appears to be a metric limit and the belts are metric, so perhaps the machine works in metric units and translates to inches in the GUI.

It’s hard to say where the actual focus is because there seems to be quite a bit of leeway that led @henryhbk to believe it had dynamic focus when his pieces fell through. I think the CO2 beam has a fairly straight section between the two cones. Not very cone shaped at all really.

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I can attest to this. The flames in the following video were shooting up at least an inch. This cardboard is extremely flammable. If I used higher power it would have licked the bottom of the head. Definitely something to consider.


There is metal plate under head though isn’t there?

And the lens must be quite embedded because its focal length is 2".

Yeah…that’s a little scary. Even the foam core wasn’t flaming up that high. :hushed:

I’d probably stick to something else besides the tray if I had to cut anything over 0.433 inches. Might be the reason for the limit.

The bottom of the head unit is metal. It has the head camera and LEDs in it. The lens itself is nestled up inside the head. There might be a pic of this floating around on the forum. I’ll dig one up and post.


I took a pic of it when I visited @dwardio


SCARY. Everything okay in there?


I hope you didn’t misalign anything by hitting that gopro.
probably put the go pro outside or all of the moving parts of the GF.
interesting perspective