Thin air on proofgrade

I’m.not sure if anyone else has noticed but the proofgrade hardwood that I’ve cut has warped a lot after it finished. I’m in Colorado, so this is a given, but if you are in a dry climate like me, you’ll want to put your materials under pressure after you cut them until they cure. Otherwise…1516236992193409531205

Definitely. I find it especially happens when engraving a lot. In other words, the image you have is like 90% engrave. I’ve seen it warp more in those situations. I’ve also been able to flatten those out some with, as you say, pressure. Viced in for a day or two can unwarp it.

The tarot card I engraved did that…but chalked it up to how much wood I took off …stuck it under some books for a few min and straighted itself out.

There’s a troubleshooter with some more information here too:


I’m in Colorado also, and once had to pick up a massive custom wood headboard from a customer that was produced somewhere in coastal Mexico. The wood had violently split with what the customer described as the sound of a shotgun being fired. The crack was wide enough to stick your hand in.

Over the years, a lot of wooden case goods suffered in this climate, and my advice was to have it repaired because the piece had adjusted, and a new replacement would likely do the same thing.


Ya oughta hear what an 18" diameter log sounds like in a log cabin with a steel roof, when it checks and splits. It’ll wake you up in sweats from a dead sleep.


Hahaha! Yeah, that headboard split in the middle of the night, so inches from their head!


Thanks. Honestly, it was expected and I notice it mostly on engrave. I’ve done a lot of woodworking projects in the past few years and it only takes about an hour after cutting any piece of wood before it starts to twist in turn. It’s just ridiculously dry here this time of year.

I cut some coasters which turned out really nice and they didn’t seem to warp at all.

I’m in COS. Every (older) house in this city has Beetlejuice doors and funhouse decks, etc…

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Hmmm sitting in Florida with antiques from Arizona, I have had the opposite problem.

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Why am I picturing you sitting with your visiting in-laws LOL

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I am such an antique actually, all the previous generation died out years ago.


Yeah, in contemplating the passing of generations, there comes a time when you realize - you’re next! :grimacing: