Thin Laminate/Formica... Is it safe to cut on glowforge?

Thin Laminate/Formica… Is it safe to cut on the glow forge? Does anyone have settings if it is? Thanks in advance. I’m looking to make earring holder cards out of it.

You need to know what it is made of. But I thought those materials had chlorine in their make-up, which is a big no-no.

So you would want/need to know what is in it before you attempt to burn/cut it with the laser.

[Edit] From the internet: “To make Formica countertops, kraft paper is combined with layers of thermally fused melamine resin, then topped with a decorative foil or paper layer protected by more melamine resin. This process results in a durable, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant material that’s a great fit for kitchen countertops and other surfaces.”

So if it is made with resin, you might not even be able to cut it.


Thank you!

I appreciate ypur info. I best not use it then. Thank you.

If you haven’t tried a search yet, Formica has been discussed before. Might be worth scanning these threads:


Thank you!

It’s fine. Laminates like Formica and Nevamar are made from paper, a very thin layer of acrylic, and a resin glue that holds everything together. There are no toxic fumes released when processed.