Thin plastic with 3m adhesive?


Since I have discovered the veneers in the :proofgrade:line I have fallen in love with them as they are good for so many things.
Does anyone know of a laserable plastic that is similar? 0.035 in or thinner and has the 3m adhesive pre-installed?


You can buy that tape by the roll if you want to take out a second mortgage. :wink:


That is good to know but it would be a third mortgage as I took out the second mortgage to buy the forge. :wink:


Are there good threads on two-sided laserable adhesive? I’ve found little to go on regarding safety of those kinds of things.


Not that I know of - I believe most people who are concerned are checking the MDS for whatever material adhesive they are about to burn. I think most or all of the 3M adhesives are safe, (I’ve been burning them and I don’t seem to have gotten any crazier than I was before I started), white glue and wood glue…that sort of thing.


Not super cheap, but here is a source for adhesive sheets. They look like what is on the veneer. I’ve used it and it sticks very well. Hasn’t killed me or my dogs either.


Thanks, if there is no final product I may well try to roll my own.


This also gives you lots of options. You aren’t limited to colors or thicknesses that you can find with it pre installed. I’ve used it on multiple colors of engravable plastic as well as wood, including medium proofgrade. Sticks like crazy.


JohnsonPlastics has an assortment of laserable thin plastic with adhesive.


I have a love / hate relationship with Johnson Plastic. They have nearly everything but because of that it is nearly impossible to to surreptitiously find cool things there.