Thin Section Test For 1/8in (3mm) Birch

So, I was bored this evening, thinking about the burning troubles that @heidi_larch was having, and decided to see how thin I could go on my machine with some material I have on hand. The photos show some 1/8, 3mm, baltic birch using my usual settings of 190/FULL. The upper samples have painters and the lower ones do not. The thin sections get smaller in terms of percentage of 3mm and then in fixed mm sizes. The results are probably about as good as one could expect. The 20% and 0.5mm sections still have their tape attached. 190 is about as fast as I can go with this particular material. At full power it just barely makes it through. I’ve noticed that the flame varies a bit with birch. With this material at these settings there is usually almost no flame.

The SVG files should be attached, (or will be soon). Hopefully these are helpful for those exploring new materials and settings.

Original inspiration: Can't get glowforge to stop burning design (10.5 KB)


Thank you for your work on this.