Thin Wooden Bookmarks


I picked up some thin (.005 inch) 6" x 2 " wood pieces early last year with the intention to make some bookmarks for charity. I gave them a go this morning.

First, I made a jig 2 x 6 out of 1/10" cardboard into which to place the pre-cut pieces. Then, it was a trial and error process to get them engraved, scored and cut.

The first issue was that the GFUI would not let me specify a thickness less than 0.01". It was then trial and error to find out settings that would properly engrave, score and cut…not going all the way through for the first two, and cutting all the way through when I specified cut.

I finally got something halfway decent, but I still need to play around with the settings some more.

No masking was used.


They turned out great! :grinning:




very nice :slight_smile:


Nice! Where’d you score the wood?


I think the website is called Cards of Wood




Very nicely done!


Thank you! I️ just ordered a bunch of remnant material







I would love to make these for my Bible Study group. Would you care to share? I’m a newbie and just got my pro 4 days ago. Thanks


I am not sure what you want me to share. These are customized with the name of the charity and its logo on them. The tassels are from Amazon and the wood was from Cards of Wood.


Hopefully it’s not an actual file request. If one is shared voluntarily then great but it is generally considered bad form to ask for one. #free-laser-designs is a great resource. :wink:


It also does not make a lot of sense to give out bookmarks for a church group with symbols, logos, etc on them that does not pertain to the group. It is easy enough to create a file with the text, logos, artwork, etc that is applicable, to the specific group just as I did for the two church groups to which I belong.


First of all. Sorry for the misunderstanding??? You said, you were still working on the settings. I was just asking if you figured it out yet with the thickness of the wood. Oh! Thank you for the heads up on the Cards of Wood web. Thanks again, Jene


For the graphic engraves: 400 Speed. 20 Power. 270 LPI

For the text engraves: 300 Speed. 20 Power. 270 LPI

For the cuts: 200 Speed. 60 Power


Thank you very much and really nice work… God Bless, Jene