Things I am working on atm. Keeping this as my project posting thread


Keychain number 1


Very pretty! :grinning:


Key chain number 2


thanks :wink:


Bee and honeycomb made out of particle board


put together, thinking of cutting yellow and black acrylic to fill in the bee, and maybe clear acrylic for the wing segments


Great detail!
Of course you are free to keep posting your stuff here, but for the most exposure, you should post a new thread with each.
No way I and many others can keep up with every thread, and many like me are only notified about new threads. My ‘unread’ count exceeds 3,000 - so your new stuff will be buried for a lot of people.


I agree, I tend to see the new postings and dont keep up with the unread ones…just too many now a days…
Love seeing your progress. :heart:


I’m the same way.