Things I've made on the GF so far

I’m hoping to keep this thread updated as I continue to make things. I just wanted to share a few projects I’ve done up until now.

Hip-Hop puzzle. My son loves it. Used PG maple and walnut. Two layers. Designed the files so that there was no waste in material if I make two and swap out the pieces themselves.

Keychain tag

PG maple coins. So they can inlay them into their woodworking projects as a signature.

Lapel pin. purchased the backs from Hobby Lobby and super glued them on.

Valentines day gift to my wife. 12 layers I think. 9.5 inches in diameter. Two layers per PG maple board. Came out okay, not bad for my first attempt.

Work in progress

I’ve done a lot more with the machine. But this is just a but to get this thread started.
Future projects are menu signs for my coffee shop. Leather wallets. merchandise for my coffee shop


Sweet stuff!

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The layered work is wonderful. That’s yet one other thing I’d like to try

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Very cool! You could make smaller layered coasters for the coffee shop too, that would really make a statement! :grinning:

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Yup, really enjoying the layered work. The Hip Hop puzzle looks so crisp!

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Very cool projects! I think they will be a big hit in the coffee shop.

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Some very nice projects!

They’re all great! I really like the layered thing. I’d say not bad at all for your first attempt. I like the idea of the coin to inlay into woodworking. I am planing on doing something similar. And if it is the size of a common forstner drill bit in diameter, that would be so easy.

Much love for Heiro being on there!

Your projects look great! I suggest making new threads with new projects in the future. A lot of us only look at new threads. If you always put it in the same thread, we’ll miss some of your wonderful work.


A perfect place to make a press for a ginger cookie with the logo of the coffee shop and give them free with the cup of coffee as a toaster coaster.!

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I totally just googled custom cookie cutter shapes and seems like you can make it with a glowforge! Something I never thought of. I have made an acrylic stamp and stamped the logo into leather for the aprons. But with a little tweaking I can make cookie stamps for sure. Thanks for the idea!


What a diverse set of projects! Can’t wait to see the signs and merchandise for your coffee shop.

@dan commented on my thread! #imkindaabigdealnow. Now I wait for Jules…

Here is a sample of my menu. My cats keep scratching off the letters so I’ve had to re-glue a lot.

I’m currently working on this little badge logo for the espresso machine. Theres not a large flat surface so its only 6in tall. I did a double pass engrave so the pieces can sit in deeper. but the inconsistency of the plywood creates higher and lower spots. and the logo is so detailed Im loosing smaller detail pieces. So, I’m working on engraving a base again and playing with veneer to flush mount them a la marquetry style. Might come out better. I’ll post pics when its done. I just liked the 3d effect like the menu.


Dude! I’m out sick with a head cold…your timing blows! :sneezing_face:

Excellent projects though…can’t wait to see more of them once my eyes are working again. :smile:

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What is the size of the lapel pin? I’m looking into making lapel pins (also very new to glow forge) so I’m trying to see what’s the smallest I can make them. Thanks I’m advance!

You’ve been a busy beaver. Looks like the damn broke!

I have been a busy beaver. But not a Glowforge beaver. I’m not on the forums as much as I used to me. I still use it at least once a month. I closed the coffee shop and am reopening it again. So when I make some things for the new shop I will be sure to post them here.

It was smaller than an inch. you can definitely make things a lot smaller. Good luck.