Things That Rhyme with Marble

Wow. Marble engraves better than I’d expect!


Wow! engraving in marble is a surprise! Is the enamel something you just painted on? Do you think it will chip?

I’m continually surprised at how well stone things can be engraved


Marble sands nicely, I was able to paint without a mask and simply sand the excess away. Made a nice clean fill.


This is awesome! The list of things to engrave just keeps getting better!


You might want to read this thread…


Oh! wow. Good to know. Thanks for the share.

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Uncertain… I’ll have to abuse my tester and see. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Love the gold with the marble.

I’ve only played with some Carrera (Carrara?) tile samples that were water jet cut rounds and other shapes–never used for a flooring/backsplash, but glad I kept as fun for using in the GF for paper weights and plant markers.

But the time I tried painting in the etching, even with masking, the paint I tried bled into the porous stone… I didn’t think about ways to prevent that then, but as I’m typing now I have ideas–different type of paint, clear sealer first, then the color–or glitter in clear enamel!

Looks great–just be sure to put some food-grade sealer over top of the paint–just in case…

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It ALSO rhymes with “Marble”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My trip to Lowe’s resulted in the can of gold paint I needed, plus 2 white ceramic tiles to experiment with, and a beautiful piece of stone, not sure what kind. I don’t know what I will make with it yet. Dreaming big.


Mines not engraving!!! I’m setting it at full power 225 lines and 3 passes and it’s not even scrating the board…please help

What speed are you using?

I tired full speed and someone suggested 600 but still nothing

How thick is your material? Did you use the set focus or assign a material height?

What’s settings do I use??

How thick is that?

The settings I have seen suggested are full speed (1000) full power 270 lpi, but you have to be in focus range.

It’s 1/2” thick